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Please tell us about your experience with Shiang's  bodywork massage therapy. E-mail our webmaster with your words - (and the city you live in) - then she will post them on this page. Thank you.

• "Amazing. Incredible. Caring. Shiang is all of these things and more. I have been sick for almost 10 years and have reached out to all types of doctors and healing practitioners. I have seen the best people in California, Colorado, Arizona, New York, New Jersey and Shiang, by far, is the best that I have come across. In the 6 months since I have been going to Shiang, my life has not only improved incredibly, but she has educated me on my illness. Shiang has gone above and beyond to make sure that my health continues to improve and anyone who comes in touch with Shiang is a very fortunate individual. " - DZ, Scottsdale, Az.

  "I can truly say that one of the greatest gifts I have received in this life is the blessing of working with Shiang. I have always felt from the first day I met her that I was in a place of nuturing, healing and personal transformation.

Shiang lives her work and thus all she does resonates from a place of power and alignment, and this I always feel. As a professional athlete and Transformational Life Coach I deeply value Shiang's gifted hands and heart, her works energizes and empowers the work and life I am dedicated my life to.

After experiencing a great magnitude of bodywork and healing modalities I can truly say that Shiang and the vastness of her work are rare to find. Experience and you will know!" - DL, Scottsdale, Az.

  "Shiang is a gift that I give to myself. I wish there were words to describe the magic in her hands and her soul. I truly believe that she is responsible for the miraculous improvement in the status of my rheumatoid arthritis. I am pain-free and can go through my days as a 'normal' human being again. As soon as I enter her 'space', I physically and emotionally feel a tremendous sense of peace and I can almost see the stress leaving my body. Shiang always knows exactly what my body needs without any words from me. My monthly visits not only improve my physical health but my emotional health as well. I can't imagine life without Shiang!! She is a gift that everyone deserves for themselves." - RH, Scottsdale AZ

• "I met Shiang during a search for a myofascial release practitioner.  I have Fibromyalgia and it is very difficult to find a body work professional who can release the tension in the muscles and myofascia without causing extreme pain and often bruising.  Shiang has advanced training in myofascial release and cranio-sacral release, and these two modalities, along with massage and healing,  provided me with a great deal of relief and a feeling of overall well-being.  She is incredibly intuitive as well, and this ability allows her to tailor each session to your needs that day.  Her spiritual focus and loving personality make each visit with Shiang a unique and powerful experience." - BH, Carefree AZ 

• "Above excellent. One of the best massages I ever had. Shiang has the magic touch of a healer . . . She deserves a great deal of praise." - JMC, Scottsdale AZ

• "Shiang is wonderful. Her caring heart and attitude comes through her hands to create a truly healing experience." - MA, Scottsdale AZ

• "Shiang is good at finding hidden areas of tension and working them out. She is also good at checking with you to make sure you are all right. . . Great job." - SC, Phoenix AZ

• "I went to Shiang with an extremely painful locked shoulder - I had tried everything I could think of except surgery. After a few months of Shiang's magical myofascial release massage - I am completely pain free and have full range of motion. She is a miracle worker." - VJ, Scottsdale AZ

•  "How do you thank someone for giving you back your hope? Before I met Shiang I was in limbo having left one massage therapist and desperately seeking one who could work within my problems. I have fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropothy, and arthritis. I also am extremely sensitive to touch and smell. The first time I met Shiang I thought - Oh well, this little women will never be able to handle me (I am a large women) but since I was there I went ahead and listened to this soft spoken, gentle soul tell me that we had a connection and she would be able to help me. Boy oh Boy was she right. I have seen her almost every week since September and we are now just getting into regular massage. Shiang is a very old soul with great intuition and healing hands. I can't thank her enough for giving me back a chance to live normally. Try it and you will become as happy as I am." - T Z, Phoenix AZ

  "Wanted to share my thoughts…. I’ve been a recipient of Shiang’s professional body work for over two years.  My main areas of stress are my neck and shoulders but Shiang can always isolate an unusual trouble spot and bring me immediate relief.  I truly believe  she has “psychic fingers”. - JR, Chandler AZ

Techniques Shiang uses during her massage sessions

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