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Disclaimer --

Shiang Chen-Williams is a nationally certified massage therapist.  She does not perform any diagnostic procedure besides checking on the basic structure misalignment, hypertonic/hypotonic muscles, and energetic blockages. Nor does she treat any specific conditions or prescribe any natural supplements or pharmaceutical medications.  Her main job is to promote relaxation in clients' overall well-being in physical, emotional, and spiritual areas through trained modalities.  The outcome of Shiang's bodywork may vary depending upon individual unique situations.

Shiang's bodywork cannot be a substitute for any professional health care treatments.  If you have a specific illness, please consult your doctor first before pursuing any bodywork treatments.

Privacy Statement --

In the business of Shiang's bodywork we keep our clients' information confidential. We don't sell or trade our clients' information to anyone else.

Techniques Shiang uses during her massage sessions

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Disclaimer and Privacy Statement


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