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It has been an epic journey of working with clients with physical aches and pains as well as their stress related symptoms since 15 plus years ago.  As the muscles and tensions melt away from the energy of my skilled hands and the applied modalities, I also found out the emotional stress behind the scene also had a great improvement as well. 

I then started to pay more attention to investigate the link to the mind-body-spirit connection, thinking of improving the whole body condition by working from the emotional and energetic levels first in order to ease the condition of the dis-ease.  Ultimately, as I work on the physical body, the trigger points that muscles withhold are no longer carry the tension and every muscle in the body would be easy to release as melting butter.  This hypothesis has eventually become my core belief and I started to work on my clients with multi disciplinary approaches  to take  them to reach the new balance of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Later, the next core question rolls in behind the emotional and energetic stress on clients’ conditions.  What makes people stress out and then manifest the dis-ease?  The answer lies within the heart physically, emotionally, and energetically.  As the heart is able to release the lower vibrations, the clients become much more happier with peace, love and joy within the heart.  Afterwards, another burning question would be the next step of the life journey in the spiritual level and the beyond… To me, these type of the questions are as the result of the evolution of the healing heart journey and we need to spend extra time out of the treatment room in order to learn the information as well as the first hand spiritual experience in the workshop setting to allow the personal journey to move forward with magical transformation.

Currently there are two series of workshops taking place each year in January-February and September.  We are learning the bases of the physical, emotional and energetic heart, as well as working with deep soul experiential activities to let go of the lower vibrations in the emotional and energetic heart to bring vibration of love back to the heart space.  We are also learning to do the maintenance work to keep the “garden” free from weeds.  The next phase is to learn to move the energy ball of loving vibration upward to connect with the pineal gland in the third eye area to be able to go up to the 5th dimension to connect with the angelic realm and the divine love.

Meanwhile, we will be also incorporating sound healing component into the workshop activities, such as toning, tuning forks, crystal singing bowls and ting sha, in order to effectively enhance the healing journey into a higher dimension level.

We are also learning to co-create a beautiful healing space in the small group workshop setting that allows each participant to hold the sacred space for the others to feel safe and supportive in order to release the emotions with ease.  It has been a very positive and nurturing experience to each workshop we had so far.

Even though you have attended the workshops with Shiang in the past, you might be still interested in coming back again to join us.  Each time the workshop materials are always current and updated with new activities or information to learn.  Also your heart might want to experience another layer of the peeling off the old emotional wounds or doing the shadow work instead.  Please check back often here.

We have a few regular participants attending the workshops for several times, and they would like share their feedback down below.

“Attending Shiang’s workshop is entering a peaceful comforting atmosphere she creates with the beautiful gifts she has been blessed with.  It is always exciting to get a glimpse into her world and learning new things and new ways to look at what is going on in your world. It is obvious she has put a lot of time and effort into her classes. I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up.”  PJ

“Shiang holds a beautiful space for personal magic to happen.  She is practical, insightful, welcoming and effective.  In a phrase— “dial in”. I connected easily to her process of self-discovery.  You won’t regret your time.  Highly recommended to discover your treasure.”  KA

“Good practical application of spiritual tools.  A compilation of previous workshops that takes you to a higher level.”  KB

“What a wonderful and inspiring workshop!!!   The aromatherapy, sound therapy, and the sacred dance.  The sound therapy for healing in my energy field and in my organ was totally awesome.  Thank you.”  GH

“The workshops that you put on are inspirational on a soul level and help with physical release that leave you feeling lighter and uplifted!  Truly a gift.”  MO

“Shiang’s Amazing Present Moment, Magic, Meeting Angels and Spirit Guides, and Manifestation workshop provided spiritual direction in a safe and nurturing space.  Shiang’s Crystal Singing Bowl meditation allowed us to discover higher dimensions of light and love.  During the workshop she invited us to empower our lives and shared how to manifest our heart’s desires!  Thank you for a Beautiful experience.”  CD

HEALING HARMONICS:SOUL FREQUENCY, SOUND HEALING TOOLS, AND A PILGRIMAGE - Starting January 2018.  Pease contact Shiang for more information. click here for class information and schedule

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